DOL/IRS Audit Assitance on H&W

Have you been audited &
need direction?

Are you ready for a DOL/IRS audit?



The Department of Labor (DOL)/ Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has stepped up enforcement efforts of audit requirements for Health & Welfare employee benefit plans. 


ECS recognizes that employers face strict fiduciary responsibilities and the regulations can be difficult to navigate. ECS provides comprehensive administration ensuring that employers remain compliant with ERISA regulations and meeting all DOL and IRS requirements:


       Plan Documents
       Summary Plan Description (SPD)
       Summary of Material Modification (SMM)
       IRS Form 5500
       Summary Annual Report (SAR)
       Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) (Affordable Care Act)
       ERISA and Health Care Reform Notices
       Non-Discrimination Testing
       ACA Filing



Our clients benefit from our years of experience in ensuring that clients continue on the road to compliance by providing the following services:


       Maintain all required records for the retention period
       Provide instruction regarding required on-site record-keeping
       Complete all required forms accurately and promptly
       Prepare and design the required plan document and the summary plan description
       Prepare the Summary of Materials Modification (SMM)
       Provide guidelines for disclosure of required information to employees
       Prepare all applicable 5500 forms and schedules
       Prepare the Summary Annual Report (SAR) if required
       Provide access to experienced employee benefits professionals
       Maintain ongoing regulatory compliance