ACA Reporting 226J

Letter 226J is the initial letter issued to applicable large employers (ALEs) to notify them that they may be liable for an employer shared responsibility payment (esrp).

The determination of whether an ALE may be liable for an ESRP and the
amount of the proposed ESRP in Letter 226-J are based on information from
Forms 1094-C and 1095-C filed by the ALE and the individual income tax
returns filed by the ALE’s employees.



ECS will respond to help mitigate those costly penalties.


The steps we take:
1.Review and audit the information reported to the IRS on Forms 1094 and 1095 for the applicable year.
     >Review ESRP Summary Table and 1094-C for accuracy of reported information.
     >Review 1095-C of employees listed on Employee Premium Tax Credit  (PCT) Listing
     >Verify enrollment or waiver status of PTC Employees with employer
2.Prepare ESRP Response form 14764 and 14765 along with response Draft for IRS Response.
3.File all documents as instructed on the letter by the response date provided.